À propos de telequest

La société telequest est une agence de courtage en numéros d´appel de service, dont le siège est situé en Autriche (Graz). Cette agence s´est spécialisée en numéros d´appel de service internationaux en applications Audiotex.

telequest a été fondée en avril 2001 par Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Hutter et Stephan Ohneck.

En tant que fournisseur de numéros d´appel de service nationaux et internationaux dans plus de 130 pays, nous proposons, grâce à la coopération avec des transporteurs et exploitants de réseaux exclusivement renommés et fiables, la meilleure sécurité qui peut exister sur le marché.

The telequest-group

We invest in next-generation communication technologies.

In order to stay true to our credo “All from one source”, we are constantly extending our competencies. From software development to cloud technologies, we are striving to meet all demands of modern service telecommunication and want to pass on the benefits to our customers. In the last years we have achieved this through investments in renowned companies.

Discover the enhanced service portfolio of the telequest-group.

The telequest-advantages

  • one instead of many different providers
  • expertise in the industry since 2001
  • specialised legal department
  • wide range of service numbers

  • high service-availability thanks to multi-supplier-policy
  • exclusive, global partner network
  • flexible performance – tailored to your needs

  • we listen and create tailored solutions
  • round-the-clock contactability
  • short reaction times
  • service on time

  • uniform billing for all countries
  • cost savings through reduced administrative expenses
  • simple, direct communication
  • time-efficient communication channels

Your resourceful partner - for many countries

Years of international experience have enabled telequest to build up a unique portfolio of competencies in telecommunications. We know which sectoral tools are best suited to which situations and represent the most efficient solution for your needs. Our legal department keeps a close watch on the regulatory controls on service numbers in a wide range of countries and ensures you have security as well as clarity about legal requirements.

Our extensive range of service numbers - at one glance

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Security - through independence

Our multi‑supplier policy ensures we use multiple service number suppliers in each country. This means we are independent and can create customised and flexible solutions for you. Our tried and tested partnerships are the result of many years of cooperation. We undertake continuous quality control to guarantee you the best possible service.

Discover the capabilities of the telequest-group

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Customer service - always on equal terms

We identify your needs and add value by creating tailor‑made solutions. The synergies resulting from our international network mean telequest employees’ sector knowledge is constantly updated, enabling us to provide you with expert advice as well as solutions. Our customer service is characterised by fast response times, adherence to delivery dates and round‑the‑clock availability.

We are happy to consult you personally

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Simple processes - fast solutions

We have a standardised format for quotations and invoices across all countries that gives you a user‑friendly overview and provides total transparency in relation to costs and payments. This simplifies your invoice control, significantly reducing your administration costs. We process your requests promptly and without bureaucracy. We have a flat management structure that means we are able to take decisions quickly and get you more rapid results.

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Notre équipe

DI Wolfgang F.P. Hutter

Shareholder & CEO

DE, AT, CH: 0800 102 502 2
Direct: +43 316 47 44 22 11

mail: wolfgang.hutter(@)telequest.at

  • Degree of Electrical Engineering - Area of concentration: Information Technology of the Technical University of Graz (Austria)
  • Professional career: 1997-2001 Shareholder & CEO of WebLine & Internet Solutions GmbH
  • CEO at G+Z Software GmbH since 2014 as well

Stephan Ohneck

Shareholder & CEO

DE, AT, CH: 0800 102 502 2
Direct: +43 316 46 82 482

mail: stephan.ohneck(@)telequest.com

  • Communication- and Mediabroker
  • Consultant for telecommunication devices in 1995
  • Founder of telequest GmbH in Weilheim in 1997
  • Innovator for communication and direct response TV solutions
  • Networker and entepreneur in the field of media and gastronomy entertainment

Astrid Planner

Int. Business Development & Controlling

DE, AT, CH: 0800 102 502 2
Direct: +43 316 47 44 22 12

mail: astrid.planner(@)telequest.at

  • Market Communication at the Advertising Academy Vienna
  • Professional career: telequest Kommunikation GmbH, D 82354 Weilheim: Int. Business Development
    GEMADI-Gesellschaft für Erlebnismarketing: Project Management
    StillaLife: Copywriting/conceptual Design
    Die3: Event Coordination Vienna

Ing. Paul Kager

Key Account Management

DE, AT, CH: 0800 102 502 2
Direct: +43 316 47 44 22 17

mail: paul.kager(@)telequest.at

  • Kolleg for Telecommunication and Electronics at BULME Graz
  • Teaching Degree in Mathematics and Physics/Chemics at PAEDAK Graz-Eggenberg
  • Professional experience: Software Engineering, Project Management and Key Account Management in the international Casino Business
  • Main focus: International service numbers, UIFN – International FreePhone

Lothar Planner

Billing Management

DE, AT, CH: 0800 102 502 2
Direct: +43 316 47 44 22 15

mail: lothar.planner(@)telequest.at

  • A-Levels, Studies at University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
  • Professional experience: Customer care, Accounting
  • Main focus: Billing & Controlling

Susanne Göschl, BSC.

Sales Coordinator

DE, AT, CH: 0800 102 502 2
Direct: +43 316 47 44 22 42

mail: susanne.goeschl(@)telequest.at

  • Degree Biomedical Analytics at FH Joanneum the university of applied science, Graz
  • A-Levels at HAK Fürstenfeld
  • Professional experience: projects in the field of changing management and customer service
  • Main focus: office management and sales coordination

Martina Dulabic, BA

Regional Sales Executive

DE, AT, CH: 0800 102 502 2
Direct: +43 316 47 44 22 41

mail: martina.dulabic(@)telequest.at

  • Master in Global Studies - Economics and Environment at Karl-Franzens-University, Graz
  • Bachelor Degree in International Marketing & Sales Management at Campus02 the university of applied science, Graz
  • Professional experience: projects in the fields of market research and marketing conception, fashion industry
  • Main focus: service numbers, project management and marketing

Julia Dürr

Billing Assistant

DE, AT, CH: 0800 102 502 2
Direct: +43 316 47 44 22 39

mail: julia.duerr(@)telequest.at

  • Office management assistant
  • Professional experience:
    customer support, order processing, process responsibility of number porting (Local numbers)

Law Office Gerhard Halbreiner, lawyer in 8010 Graz

Permanent legal representative

Contact person:
RAA Mag. Viktoria Feldbacher

DE, AT, CH: 0800 102 502 2
Direct: +43 316 47 44 22 18

mail: legal(@)telequest.at

  • Degree in law at Graz and Antwerp
  • Legal trainee at the OLG Sprengel Graz
  • Trainee lawyer in renowned lawyer’s offices at Graz
  • Bar examination

Daniela Kozeschnik

Switchboard & Office Management

Renate Pongratz

Switchboard & Office Management

Elsa Kabbadas

Switchboard & Office Management

Références choisies

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