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telequest is evolving constantly. In order to extend our service portfolio and stay true to our credo “All from one source” investments in well-known companies have been made in the last years.

The following business areas have been added to our portfolio:

  • 2014 investment in G+Z Software GmbH; business focus: software and app development
  • 2014: launch of project "Almdesk" in cooperation with G+Z Software GmbH, main purpose: creating a comprehensive cloud platform as launch pad for b2b software solutions

  • 2015: investment in 0049 GmbH; business focus: cloud solutions & managed services with datacenters in Germany
  • 2016: investment in Team ATW GmbH; business focus: app-concepts, advertising and telemedia

G+Z Software GmbH

G+Z Software is our reliable partner for innovative software solutions and web design. The dynamic team of G+Z specializes in holistic enterprise software, creating intelligent and customized solutions thanks to their expertise and experience in this IT-field.

For corporate management software the team offers easy-to-use applications, from CRM to billing-systems. G+Z software enables the user to manage data efficiently. The team also has experience with fully customized software, fitted to the customer’s needs. Customized software applications help to increase efficiency in business processes and consequently also add value for your customers. The skilled team fully supports you throughout the entire process, from the basic idea up to project execution. The company’s service portfolio is complemented by capabilities in web-design and optimization, including SEO.

Project Almdesk

Almdesk is a joint project of telequest and G&Z Software, with the objective of developing a cloud-platform for managing personal daily life. The platform is customizable to individual user preferences and offers useful software tools.

Almdesk also serves as a cloud-based “launch pad” for your individual corporate software housed on secure servers in Germany. If you plan on developing customized applications, for your corporate partners, employees or customers, then Almdesk is the platform to start with. The benefits of our platform, aside from fully customizable applications, are the standard tools already provided by Almdesk. Shareable notes and tasks, group-chat-capability and easy-to-use file management-system with up to 5 GB cloud space per user are among the tools provided by Almdesk. Since the platform is based on cloud-technology, Almdesk is available 24/7 all year round.

0049 GmbH

0049 GmbH complements our service-portfolio with intelligent cloud-services, which are provided via high-quality server-infrastructure. From the simple webserver to fully managed infrastructure, the company provides customized IT-infrastructure-solutions for every need.

The 0049 cloud platform is the centerpiece of the service. The platform provides infrastructure, applications and database-functions, fitted to the customer’s performance needs. All from one source, simple and fast. The company’s broad service spectrum is enhanced by backup & recovery services, which enable you to backup as well as restore data in the 0049 datacenters in Germany. With GRAU DataSpace 2.0 our partner also offers a secure data storage & transfer platform which features secure encryption methods and meets the high standards of corporate data security.

Team ATW GmbH

Team ATW is the specialist for apps and advertising in the telemedia-industry.

The company develops concepts for systems and apps with smart payment solutions, featuring optimised user experience. Whether it's a fast and simple out-of-the-box solution or a complex customized app, Team ATW delivers high-quality solutions for different operating systems and end-user devices.

Telemedia is the company's core business. Prize competitions, telephone- and sms-chat, astrological advice services, or the myriad of call center services available, Team ATW provides solutions that are fast to deploy and offer interesting profit opportunities. As a specialist and full-service-provider in the field of premium-rate and entertainment services, Team ATW can draw on a vast repertoire of experience. For 20 years the company has been maintaining and expanding its network of contacts within prominent media outlets, TV networks, radio stations and renowned publishers.

Make use of the company's established performance network, the exclusive partnerships and the advantageous terms, conditions and discounts.

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